Quantum Pendants Fake?

A Pendant labelled as a REAL Quantum Pendant is one made by the Fusion Excel company that uses their classic star logo. Any pendant NOT made by Fusion Excel could be considered to be fake… however; this only relates to who MADE the pendant. This has no bearing, in fact, as to whether a pendant works or not. There are MANY brands of Quantum Pendants, Bio-Will, Bio-Excel etc, that also work. 

More importantly these pendants are beneficial, NOT dangerous. In fact the entire concept of testing these pendants with geiger counters and picking up a reading and thus labeling them as dangerous is based on an outdated theory of earth energy based on ignorance and maintained due to corporate interests. Anyone who believes otherwise hasn’t done their homework. If these pendants were even remotely dangerous then ANYONE who visits hot springs or black sand beaches would be DOOMED to serious health problems! The radiation levels in these settings can reach 400x normal background levels… yet these places are extremely therapeutic. People who visit these places aren’t getting sicker, they’re getting healthier and it’s BECAUSE of the earth energy!  WATCH THIS for more info.

Who came up with the Quantum Pendant concept?
The answer is the Fusion Excel company.

Why has Fusion Excel put so much effort towards stopping consumers from buying pendants they didn’t make? 
To maximize profits and corner the market. It has NOTHING to do with “protecting” consumers from inferior products. It has EVERYTHING to do with market control.

Is a Quantum Pendant NOT made by Fusion Excel Inferior or Different?
The REALITY is that ALL of these pendants are manufactured in the same way, with at most minor variations in production methods. They combine lava rock ash with a ceramic base and fuse it into a pendant shape. That’s all there is to it!

The ONLY significant factors are the negative ion output, and the source. Fusion Excel pendants in our testing consistently emit 1600 negative ions which is JUST ok. Not bad, but far from being the strongest. In fact I would say for anyone who hasn’t worn one of these pendants before, starting with a Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant is OK.

BUT… There are some VERY good reasons NOT to purchase a Fusion Excel Quantum Pendant

  1. They’re Overpriced! – Fusion Excel pendants are sold anywhere from $100 – $300. Other equal or better Quantum Pendants can be found for about $30+. The ONLY reason for these inflated prices are due to the fact that being an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing Company) they NEED to make huge margins to support their system.
  2. They’re an MLM – Plain and simple. MLM companies (often know as pyramid schemes) are not always known to be the most honest companies when it comes to keeping people informed. Rather they tend to inform prospective consumers using sales tactics rather than focusing on more truthful information.
  3. Deceptive Marketing – They show videos of people lifting people with ease and even one of a man wearing a pendant and able to burn himself (of course in the video you can see when favoring the Fusion Excel Pendant he moves the flame around so as not to get burned. When not wearing the pendant he holds the flame in one position, which will obviously cause a burn). More importantly they DO NOT have ANY videos of negative ion tests. Rather they focus on saying negative ion tests are not a good means of testing a pendant, which is absolute not true! The negative ion test is the ONLY means to show the efficacy of a pendant and the only reason they don’t use this testing method is because it would show once and for all that their pendant is no different than the rest!
  4. Authenticity Cards – The authenticity card is also a Gimmick created by Fusion Excel to make the public believe that registration = a “WORKING” pendant. As I’ve explained above there is no such thing as ALL pendants work, it’s just a matter of their negative ion level and the type of volcanic ash used. More importantly they focus ALL the attention onto this and away from what REALLY makes a pendant effective and how to measure one (which would be a negative ion test).

In conclusion the main point I would like to hit home is that focusing on whether a Quantum Pendant is Real or Fake is a total waste of time. The real focus needs to be on simply finding a design you like and one that emits a level of negative ions you want. Higher emission pendants can be great for bigger people or those with chronic health complaints. Average emission in the 1500-3000 range are perfectly fine for the average person.

I hope this was helpful in better understanding the REAL vs FAKE debate with Quantum Pendants. For more information about Quantum Pendants and how they work. CLICK HERE

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