Quantum Pendant Real vs Fake – What does it mean?

Quantum pendant real vs fake: What is the difference between a real and a “fake” quantum pendant?  What does “fake” mean in this case? These questions come up from time to time and we will address them here.  

The Fusion Excel MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company originated the Quantum Pendant with their classic star logo. From their point of view any pendant not made by Fusion Excel isn’t “real” or “genuine” (thus, in their eyes, it is fake).  This, of course, has no bearing on how well-made the pendant is or whether it can provide beneficial results. There are now many brands of Quantum Pendants including Bio-Will, and Bio-Excel which are all made in a similar fashion. The biggest difference between the Fusion Excel pendants and the ones that we sell here on QuantumPendants.org is probably the price. As an example, when we last looked on the Fusion Excel site, their Quantum Pendant was selling for $66 while ours is priced at $29.95. 

The word “fake” brings to mind something like a cheap knock-off of a Rolex watch. That isn’t what we’re referring to here. Our pendants all generate negative ions that provide health and wellness benefits. These are the same benefits that you get from a Fusion Excel pendant.  

Do The Pendants Present Any Risk?
Our pendants are made from lava rock. There is a natural, low level of “earth energy” contained in lava rock and this is what results in the beneficial negative ions created by the pendants. Natural hot springs and lava rock black sand beaches are  known for their therapeutic health and wellness benefits. The pendants use the same earth energy to provide the same kind of benefits. Some minerals such as tourmaline also generate negative ions and they are used in our metal pendants. 

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Are Our Pendants Different From The Fusion Excel Pendants?
The REALITY is that ALL of these pendants (excluding those made of metal or glass) are manufactured in the same way with, at most, minor variations in production methods. They combine lava rock ash with a ceramic base and fuse it into a pendant shape. That’s all there is to it! The ONLY factors are the negative ion output; the source; and, of course, the price. In our testing, Fusion Excel pendants consistently emit 1600 negative ions which is JUST ok. Not bad, but far from being the strongest. 

NOTE: Our glass pendants have volcanic ash infused in the glass. The metal pendants have stones such as tourmaline embedded in the back of the pendant.

Why Does Fusion Excel Promote The Idea That Other Pendants Are Inferior To Theirs?
They do this to promote their brand, maximize their profits and corner the market. It has NOTHING to do with “protecting” consumers from inferior products. It has EVERYTHING to do with market control.

Are There Good Reasons To Purchase A Pendant From QuantumPendants.org Instead of from Fusion Excel?

  1. The Price
    It isn’t just about the price but it is an important factor. As mentioned previously, Fusion Excel pendants were selling for $66 the last time that we checked (vs $29.95 for ours). You can get a 5 pack of our gold anti-radiation stickers for $14.95 while a 6 pack of similar stickers from Fusion Excel costs $66. As a small family business, we can keep our costs low and charge you a better price. As a Multi-Level Marketing Company, Fusion Excel needs to charge more because of their much higher costs.
  2. A Variety Of Attractive Designs
    We offer a wide variety of attractive designs in the original lava rock as well as in metal and glass. This provides you with many more choices than Fusion Excel’s much more limited choices.
  3. We Keep it Simple and Straightforward
    We don’t use fancy terms and claims with no demonstrated proof. We will sell you pendants and related products that generate negative ions that are good for your health and wellness; and, we’ll do it at a reasonable price. Fusion Excel uses fancy descriptions of their products but they downplay the significance of the strength of their products with respect to generating negative ions (the only thing that really counts!).

In conclusion, our products are REAL (they work!); they provide better value than the Fusion Excel products; and, they provide you with a wider choice of designs than you get from Fusion Excel.  I hope this was helpful in better understanding the REAL vs FAKE debate with Quantum Pendants.

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